English outline

Founded in 1992, MET is a private research centre of economic policy mainly involved in regional development, industrial structure, research and innovation.

MET produces  “Rapporto MET”: a systematic and wide-ranging job that is carried out annually.
The report, since 2001, introduces an analytical summary of the effective dimension of regional flows of industrial policy also through financial transformations in order to compare the values (i.e. Capital Grant and ESL calculated for loans and other form of low cost money to enterprises).
In the last years the job has been enriched with a large field survey (25.000 interview) on a representative sample of the Italian firms in order to provide a meaningful picture of the regional situation for enterprises in the manufacturing, industrial and related services activities.

The several editions of the “Rapporto MET” have a general section and a sectoral analysis that vary from year to year.
Some of the more important analysis have regarded: Research and Innovation (2003-2004), Policy for internationalization (2005), Policy for feminine entrepreneurship (2001), New enterprises and academics spin-off (2001), The guidelines of European politics (2001), Private equity (2001).