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About us

MET Economics is an independent economic research centre established in 1992 by researchers from different Italian universities and institutions.

MET main activity is to perform research, analysis, and consultancies, with a specific focus on public policy and economic structure.

We focus on economic and financial evaluations, monitoring and strengthening of public policies, economic analysis of industrial measures- on a European, national or regional scale- to support SMEs, organisation and management of training activities, assistance to firms, and defining macroeconomic scenarios.

The MET characterizes itself, on a national level, as an independent source that periodically provides a study on public interventions attempting to sustain private activities. This work led to the building up of a solid archive containing all the main regulations, issued by local, regional, and national entities, that aimed at supporting industrial firms and production service businesses.

From 2006, MET also began a vast bi-annual survey on firms belonging to the industrial sector and production services (see MET Survey).

The analysis (Rapporto MET) focuses on: firm structural features, competition aspects, local networks, supply chains, emerging challenges, and external needs (policy-wise too); that these economic agents manifest, alongside the classical matters related to competition and health of firms.

On this base we realized scientific articles and other contributions to the literature.